Embrace all the voices in your head and celebrate the unique blend of emotions that make you, you. Inspired by the upcoming Inside Out 2 movie, each of our 8 unique cosmetic formulations is designed to harmonize with the different emotions that make us wonderfully human. Discover our Inside Out Capsule Collection today and find the perfect formulation to beautifully match your mood. 


Stay Calm and Carry On Body Serum 

Stay Calm! We've got you covered—literally. When irritated skin strikes, our Stay Calm and Carry On Body Serum is here to help. Inaclear Vectorized and Inacalm Vectorized work together to reduce redness and brighten your skin while soothing and calming irritation. Pearlflake, Bismica Max, and Arcopearl pigments counter any redness, leaving you feeling soothed and looking radiant. Enjoy the ultimate in skin comfort and a glowing, even complexion! 


No More Tears Mascara Remover 

Effortlessly remove even the most stubborn mascara with our No More Tears Mascara Remover. This effective formula combines Permethyl® 99A, Permethyl® 101A, and Permethyl® 102A to melt away mascara, while Silkflo® 366 keeps your lashes feeling moisturized and non-oily. Enjoy clean, refreshed lashes without any fuss or residue. 


Sparkle and Shine Hair Gloss 

Elevate your hair game with our Sparkle and Shine Hair Gloss. This lightweight, non-greasy serum is formulated with Panalene L-2E to impart a silky feel and add shine, GreenDiol to provide frizz control and moisture, and Ceracute G to smooth rough cuticles and improve compatibility without buildup. Arcopearl Sparkle 550 adds a touch of shimmer, leaving your hair with a dazzling finish. Enjoy smooth, radiant hair that sparkles with every application! 


Confidence Boost Setting Powder 

Enhance your complexion with our Confidence Boost Setting Powder. This lightweight, loose powder provides a hint of color to neutralize and even out skin tone, giving you a flawless finish. The mattifying effect is achieved with Serisense SM13, a natural, biodegradable alternative to Nylon-12. Silkflo 362 offers a non-oily, light, silky emollient that moisturizes your skin. Niacinamide works to improve uneven skin tone, reduce sebum production, and eliminate shine for a matte-like appearance. Additionally, Inacalm soothes and calms red skin, leaving a gentle, soothing effect. Enjoy a confident, radiant look all day long! 


Stress Crushing Face Beads 

Revitalize your skin with our Stress Crushing Face Pearls. Each Pink Pearl Monster Bead is an encapsulated serum formulation packed with Niacinamide and pigment, delivering active benefits and a radiant glow. These single-dose pearls are touch-activated and encased in an agar shell, providing an easy and effective way to deliver a powerful punch of hydration to your skin. Experience the transformative effects of this innovative formulation and enjoy a refreshed, glowing complexion! 


Lip Loving Lacquer 

Transform your lips with our Lip Loving Lacquer. This pink lip oil is lightweight, ultra-smooth, and high-shine, keeping your lips hydrated and feeling silky with the help of Silkflo 364 and Silkflo 366. Arcopearl Sparkle 220 adds a hint of shimmer for a subtle, beautiful finish. Enjoy lips that are not only stunning but also nourished and silky smooth! 


Sprinkle on the Joy Hair Powder 

Say goodbye to oily scalps and dull hair! Our innovative Sprinkle on the Joy Hair Powder is your ultimate solution for fresh and revitalized locks. This formula absorbs excess oil from the scalp, leaving your hair feeling clean and vibrant with a beautiful, lustrous finish. Plus, it features a unique fragrance delivery system that envelops both your hair and skin, keeping you refreshed all day long. Embrace radiant hair and wave farewell to greasy roots! 


Chillixir Face Potion 

Take a chill! Our Chillixir Face Potion is just what you need. This roll-on serum is the easiest way to cool down whenever you feel like it. Formulated with Biogenic PCM, it provides a lasting burst of cooling, while Expertgel EG312 and Greendiol leave your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Enjoy a refreshing, soothing experience with every application! 


All Whipped Up Shadow 

Get ready for a burst of color with our All Whipped Up Shadow. This unique whipped eyeshadow delivers high-impact color with Bismica Max White, providing a vibrant pearlescence from Arcopearl 530 with just one swipe. It glides effortlessly onto the eye for an immediate, intense effect. Elevate your eye look with this stunning, easy-to-apply formula! 


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