Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact you?
We’d love to hear from you! You can email us ( or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll get in touch with you!
How long will it take to get my order?
Orders are processed within 1-2 days and shipping time is based on your selection at checkout! Products can ship group or expedited.
What are your minimum ordering quantities?
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes therefore, we don’t believe in minimum order quantities. Order what you need, when you need it!
What is your shipping policy?
See link here
Do you ship outside of the USA?
We are staying local right now but are dreaming of the days when our products can get those passport stamps!
What is your return policy?
See link here
Do you have a store where I can come sample the products?
Samples are best served at home. You can select the samples you need and we’ll have them delivered to you!
How do I find the status of my order?
We have that solution (all chemistry puns aside). Cruise over to your account and once you’re signed in, you’ll see a tab along the left for ‘Orders’. Locate your order, and right next to View, you’ll see the order status.
How do I find the tracking number?
Excited to receive your order? We are too! You can find the tracking number within your order view. Navigate over to your account, and click on the Orders tab. Find your order and click the blue View button for more details.
What is an EIN number?
An EIN number stands for Employer Identification Number or its alias is a Federal Tax Identification Number. You’ll need one of these in order to place orders with us.
Why do I need an EIN number?
That EIN number lets us know that you are a business.
How do I update my address?
Updating an address can be done throughout the checkout process and also by updating your account information. When you are checking out, click on the Add New Address button. Otherwise, just navigate to your account and click on the Address Book tab.


How do you become a Formulator?
The most important thing is to want to know how! There are many resources online that give starting points and then you can make a formulation from scratch. There are also courses on how to formulate. You can also work for a company and learn from formulators there.
Do I need to be a Formulator to buy your ingredients?
No. You can be just starting out and learning or helping out someone who does. All you need is an EIN number.
How do I know why ingredients are high quality?
All our ingredients are carefully chosen and verified to ensure that they provide high quality possible.
How do I know your ingredients are effective?
We provide TDS (technical data sheets) demonstrating product performance.
Where do your ingredients come from?
Our ingredients come from all over the globe ensuring that you have access to the world’s best materials.
What are the active levels?
Active levels vary according to ingredient, formulation, and efficacy. You can find detailed information on our ingredient pages and your regulatory documents. (See information provided on product TDS.)
How do I store the ingredients?
This information is also found on the ingredient SDS (safety data sheet).
What if I need larger quantities than what you currently offer?
Just scale up your order to the proper amount. If you need much larger quantities, please send us a note and we can scale up for you. We can do large or small order sizes.
Do you sell sample formulas?
No, sample formulations are openly available on Let's Make Beauty.


Where can I find regulatory documentation?
All the documents can be found in the regulatory tab of the individual raw materials.
Are there recommended use levels for raw materials?
The recommended use levels can be found on the individual raw material product page and in the Technical Data Sheet in the Regulatory tab of each raw material.
Are your raw materials safe to use?
Our products adhere to the highest industry standards. They do not contain ingredients that are prohibited by regulatory authorities.
Can the raw materials be used globally?
Yes, all our products comply with the applicable cosmetic rules and regulations in various countries. Please contact us for more details.
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