The Power of Plants

The Power of Plants : Blending with Essential Oils

One of my favorite things that I surround myself with are essential oils. 
Essential oils are used often topically in products for your hair, skin, body, but they are also used to scent your home and personal space via diffusion. 
Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants, flowers, bark, leaves and roots. 
Essential oils are truly the concentrated version of that starting material.  They’re obtained through distillation usually steam or water and some by methods like cold pressed.   
Citrus essential oils like lemon or lime or orange are cold pressed to keep the integrity and benefits and smell. 
I love essential oils and I use them for different purposes around my home. 
When it comes to my skincare- my favorite go-to is Frankincense. 
Frankincense also know as olibanum and it’s extracted from the inner bark of the Boswellia trees. 
It often reminds people of church for it’s used in religious ceremonies and it’s been used in beauty products for centuries and has many known benefits. 
Fine-lines and wrinkles, acne, antibacterial, and reduces redness are just some of the benefits. 
Other favorites include: 
Peppermint- which is uplifting and has energizing properties
Lavender- known mostly for stress relief and for it’s ability for an overall sense of calmness (something we can all relate too)… Lavender is a favorite oil to be used in overnight skincare and bodycare.
Tea Tree- I will use this both topically, diffusing and even for cleaning.  Tea Tree is known for it’s purifying and antibacterial properties.  You will often see tea tree in haircare and skin care  products.  

A few other favorites include Rose Absolute, Jasmine and Sandalwood- but there’s too much to share for each… so look for additional posts with the benefits.  
Besides being the most concentrated form of a plant, essential oils are fun to smell.  I often find myself creating my own blends.  There are so many packaging options from roller balls to glass spray bottles.  
The fun thing with essential oils is to create a blend that feels good to you.  Your nose will be your guide. 
Happy blending. 
Post below if you would like to know some of my favorite combinations.