Self-Care A Non-Negotiable

I know it can be hard finding time in a day to fit in everything you need to do. 
You have too many competing priorities.  
Right… kids, family, friends, work, emails, eating, cleaning, dishes, etc… there is truly no time to do everything and often I found that I put myself last. 
And when I put myself last, my selfcare suffered.  
But let’s be honest, that leads to burnout and illness and negative self-talk.
You need to remember YOU MATTER.  
And so the goal becomes how to fit everything in and feel good. 
I have a child with multiple allergies, so my life requires a lot more effort and time in the kitchen. 
But I know better than anyone, if I don’t take care of me, no one else will. 
So, I make the time.  
One of my favorite beauty hacks is something that I do when I cook.
I call it self-care food prep.  
Before I get started, I put my hair back and then…
Check my skin out in the mirror.  
I ask myself, what does my skin need right now?  
Energy boost 
And then I pick my mask of choice.  
It might be a charcoal mask or moisturizing mask or a rose mask, so many choices. 
I then apply my mask and then I get cooking.  
I feel good.  

For I’m nourishing my skin, while I nourish my family.  
Both needed to recharge my battery and give my body the support it needs. 
I know my reality is not yours… but think about everything you do in a day.
When might you have time to add an extra element to your normal schedule that is going to enhance you.