Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin : A Reflection of Overall Wellness

This is something that’s often overlooked, but so important. 
If you told me this in my twenties I would have rolled my eyes and called bs. 
My belief then was my skin was a reflection of the products and makeup I used.  I was so worried about covering up a blemish… not trying to uncover the root cause of the blemish or why my skin was dry.  
But truth bomb here…  Your skin is your largest organ in the body. 
You need your skin to hold you together.  It’s not just for protection- it truly is a reflection of your overall wellness. 
If you are dehydrated, this will often manifest as dry skin. 
If you eat non-nourishing food, this can be evident in your skin as well. 
Yes you may put on lotion and cream and serums and potions, but if you truly want to have glowing skin, you truly need to embrace the fact you are what you eat. 
Garbage in, garbage out.  
Years ago, I chose to change my diet due to health challenges of my son. 
I gave up gluten and dairy and switched to organic non processed food. 
And not only did I feel better, I looked better.  
And here I am over 14 years later… still prioritizing my nourishment, my hydration and what goes on my skin. 
And yes I love beauty products.   
But, I do spend time reading ingredients lists… for what goes on or in body requires me to pay attention. I personally look for products made with simpler ingredients. 
Ingredients that I understand what they are, what they do and where they come from. 
For keeping my skin happy is a priority and I seek out ingredients that help it thrive.  Things like licorice root or vitamin c or green tea or centella asiatic or even caffeine.  Essential oils like frankincense or rose absolute or blue tansy or natural oils like carrot seed.  
Nourish your skin, inside and out.