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EXPERTGEL Collection

INCI Name: EXPERTGEL Collection

ExpertGel polymers are water phase thickeners, giving thermoreversible gelation. Use Level: 1% - 7.5%.
*Actual weights may vary.
  • Thermoreversible gelation
  • Smart thickener
  • Hair and Scalp Care
  • Skincare
  • Personal Care
  • and Color Cosmetics
  • Polymers & Film Formers
  • Rheology Modifiers
Compliance Badges
allergen_free gluten_free naturally_derived_index vegan_suitable non_gmo cruelty_free paraben_free halal_suitable kosher_suitable palm_oil_free
Product Documentation

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Collection Details
Description INCI Product Differentiation
ExpertGel® EG312 Poloxamer 338 (and) PPG-51/SMDI Copolymer Higher gelation temperature
ExpertGel® EG412 Poloxamer 407 (and) PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer Lower gelation temperature
Use Level: gms
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